Movie links fixed and a bit of news!

Hello and welcome back! Here’s a few updates and some news about this website, and the future of it!

It came to my attention, that the links to the hosted movies were broken, so this has now been fixed.

I have quite a few things in mind for this page, and I will begin making changes to this website in the next few months, but there’s already a few new things to announce. First of all, CarlSpacklerGalunga from VN Boards have supplied me with new things to host on this website, which might be helpful to a lot of people. They will be up shortly, and I will post links and descriptions in this post.

Second, I’ll be writing some new guides about DAoC and Multiboxing. I see that quite a few people have been reading the few HotkeyNet guides that I’ve put up, and I’m going to share some of my “secrets of multiboxing”.

So stay tuned! Many good things will come! 🙂




New things

Carl supplied a nice Dragon Weapon crafting spreadsheet; check it out! There’s all the info you’ll ever need.

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