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ML10 cloaks without any ML10 items? Sure!

I’ve been running some toons in RvR, and decided to retemplate them for greater ownage.

I made a template with no ml10 items in it, except from the ML10 cloak that you can summon by equipping 3 items. So, how do you get the cloak summoned without having any ML 10 items at all?

Well, it’s not possible. You need to borrow/buy a chestpiece, legs and weapon to summon it, but you do not have to have any of them equipped / in inventory / in a vault. So to sum up: You can get the ML10 cloak without having any ML10 items, except from when summoning the cloak!

How’s it done, then? It’s actually quite easy!

First of all, get a set of ML10 items that you can equip to summon the cloak. Dont do it just yet, though!

Before summoning the cloak, you need to fill up your entire inventory; no spots must be free. If you do not have a weapon, you need to equip it first and fill the empty spot aswell.

Now that your inventory is full, swap in the chest and legs with your templated items. Once you do this, the cloak will be summoned; but your inventory is full so it’ll drop on the ground. Now take off all the ML10 items and trade them away/put them in your vault. Pick up your cloak, and you’re good to go! You can take it on/off, dye it etc. as much as you want, and you wont loose it.

There’s one catch though: You cannot have any other ML10 items in your inventory or anything like that, while the cloak is there. If you trade some ML10 items, or take them out of a vault (yes, your house vaults too), the cloak will disappear. It’s not much of a problem though, since your template doesn’t use any ML10 items other than the cloak, right?

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