Crafting Macro utility

Some years ago, I dont even remember when, I developed my own (very simple) crafting macro tool.

One of my old DAoC friends told me to put it online, so here it is!

Download it and check it out for yourself. Remember, you need to run it as administrator, if you want it to work 🙂

It wont send anything to me, it wont hijack or inject anything into DAoC. It simply simulates mouse- and keypresses, exactly the same way as your actual keyboard or mouse does it. So there’s literally no chance of being banned using this tool

That said; if a CSR contacts you, and you fail to respond, you probably will be suspended, so use it at your own risk, and I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens, using this utility.

Download the tool here: Cracro v2

(the name “Cracro” is a compound word made up of “Crafting Macro“)

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