Over the past years of playing Dark Age of Camelot, I have released a few movies featuring me playing in Realm versus Realm (RvR). My main characters have always been stealthers, because that kind of gameplay has been the most fun and challenging to me.

I have uploaded the different movies to this site, where you can download and watch them if you like by following the links in the menu. I’ve also put a few random clips below here.

Have fun!

Movies with dedicated pages

Adoweniih – Reborn Shadowzerk

Adoweniih Scelestus

Adoweniih Scelestus 2

Cryox the Shadowzerker

Wailing Wenches I (not the creator – just starring :-))

Random DAoC Movies/Clips

Running an mid 8-man fighting Leithsorc’s alb group

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