Wailing Wenches 1

First of all, I’m gonna start off by saying that I did not create this movie. It was Frapsed and put together by Polarbear on VN Boards.

Why post it here then, you might ask? Well, simple enough: I’m in it! 😉 This is a bombing movie with a lot of screaming in it. Yes; we’re running a lot of bainshees! Specially me. When watching the movie, you should notice 3 bainshees named Onionz, Potatoez and Saladz. That’s me! You should be able to see me in quite a few of the bombs performed, and most of the time all 3 bains of my team are present.

During the making of this video, I was controlling all 3 bainshees using HotkeyNet, where 1 character is running on my main computer, and the 2 others are running in virtual machines. This makes it look like I’m actually running 3 computers, instead of just one.

Another note, I have NOT been suspended or had any contact to EA while running around like this.

Download movie

The movie is a great watch, and if you’re into screaming and a lot of dead people, you should check it out 😉


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