Custom /use macros

A long time ago, before you could drag item /use icons down on your quickbar, a german computer engineer reverse-engineered DAoC, and found what could seem like a secret feature.

This feature allowed people to use the ingame /macro to create uses for a specific item slot in your inventory. This is still very useful if you’re swapping items in/out, and you want to target a specific slot instead of item.

So this is kind of a ‘hack’; but nothing against the ToS or anything, just to make that sure!

How to do it then? It’s simple! Note these numbers for the corresponding slot you want to target:

0 = right hand weapon
1 = left hand weapon
2 = two-handed weapon
3 = ranged weapon
10 = helm
11 = gloves
12 = boots
13 = jewel
14 = torso
15 = cloak
16 = legs
17 = arms
18 = necklace
21 = belt
22 = left bracer
23 = right bracer
24 = left ring
25 = right ring
40-47 = first inventory bag, top to bottom

Once you’ve got the numbers you need, you need to make the macros. This is done like this:

/macro useitem /use 5 XX

where XX is the number from the list. If you want to use the secondary charge, you simply replace /use with /use2:

/macro usesecond /use2 5 XX

Now you’re able to target any slot and actually keep the macro there, instead of having item use icons disappear on you!

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