My name is Lars, and I used to play a lot of Dark Age of Camelot. In the past few years all of my accounts have been closed though, mainly due to the fact that I’ve been spending most of my time working and studying. At christmas 2013 I’ll get my bsc. in Computer Science from Aarhus University, and other than that I’ve been working as a consultant at my own firm, 1337 ApS (ApS = danish Ltd.).

At the moment I do not have any plans of returning to Dark Age of Camelot, but I won’t deny it happening though. I’m kinda excited to try out Camelot Unchained, once it reaches Alpha.


Lately, I have been playing quite a bit in groups. Actually haven’t even touched any of my assassins in over a year. Simply got too fed up with everyone and their mother zerging. So I started multiboxing in RvR with a few friends, while sometimes also only playing 1 character.
Due to me studying now, my playtime is limited to holidays only (almost).


I like to challenge myself in different ways, which leads to me playing a solo assassin class on Ywain. I also do enjoy playing in smallmans and groups, but because of limited playtime and a lot of ninja-afk’ing, I usually to stick to the soloing 🙂 Even though you wont hear me say this, I’m probably quite a PvE-whore aswell, since I enjoy running around with teams on all realms, which also leads to me powerleveling a lot of characters. I usually lvl new toons, template them and play them a few times and afterwards never play them again. My curse i guess 😉

Anyway, to enhance and get the best out of my gaming, I tend to develop different utilities, which allows me to tweak my characters to the limit and beyond.

Another challenge to myself, is to control multiple toons near perfect. That’s why I’m running teams of 5-6 toons in PvE, RvR and where I’m needed and do whatever I’m in the mood for.

You can read more about my utilities and download my movies here on this blog, and lately I’ve been adding a few tips and tricks about DAoC aswell.

If you need any help, feel free to drop a comment here or PM me on VN Boards (Nick: Adoweniih) and I’ll do my best 🙂

Best regards

Lars aka Adoweniih

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Hi Lars,

Hoping you could recommend hardware and required software (HKN and VMware?) in order to 3 box on DAOC (maybe up to 5 box.) Would like to spend $800 + another $500 max if you think $1300 is worth it. (no monitor, keyboard, mouse needed)
I want to use 1 monitor and Picture in Picture the 2 slaves like sideview mirrors on a car if possible. If I 5 box i dont even want to see slave 3 and 4 screens. I don’t need to run any of the accounts in highest grafix and only want show “all spells” in the main window. The slaves 1 and 2 PiP need to show figures at far clip.

Thanks for any help. Please send response to email given. Peace

Hey Tim

Sorry for the late reply.

3 boxing DAoC doesnt really require a lot. But it all comes down to what you want to do with your teams.
I used to 5-box on my current computer in PvE with no problems. When I was playing, I used the following setup:

Intel i7 2600k CPU
16 GB Corsair Vengeance Memory
Point of View GTX 590 Charged (this is way overkill for DAoC though)
2x 256 GB OCZ Vertex 4 SSDs (SSDs arent a requirement, but it really helps A LOT with VMWare)

You might want to consider upgrading the CPU and memory. I upgraded my memory to 32 GB instead of 16, since the problem with multiboxing DAoC using VMWare is that it takes a ton of memory. Having at least 2 GB memory per VM helps. Also, if you can get your hands on a better CPU, that will help in RvR, since with 4 accounts on, my CPU started falling behind in RvR.

For software, you dont really need anything but VMWare Workstation 8 and HKN. That’s what I used 🙂

Best regards

Hi Adoweniih,

Thanks for the response. I have the following machine:
i5 – 3570K (stock speed)
MSI Z77A – GD55 mobo
MSI 7870 Hawk – 2GB (factory overclock)
120 SSD – host machine DAOC, Guest1, Guest2
1TB HHD – storage etc.
2 monitors
Win 7 Pro on all machines.
HIgh Speed Cable Modem- live in San Fran, CA, USA.

I have run 3 DAOC on one client. That is messy as I get the Toon1 keystrokes bleeding into background windows as well as toons failing to react to keys sent.

I have VMware Player installed and been test running 2 Win Pro 7 guest machines – 4GB RAM each and 8GB on host. I didn’t buy 2 new copies of the Win 7, I just used the key code from the Host OS for the tests. Will buy when/if it all works properly.

Test are dissapointing!! I basically RVR. I only use SendWin to each of the 3 clients.

I have no idea why this works so shittily. It seems straight forward. SendWin will always send, but sometimes DAOC game fails to recieve with no chat log record (/face and /sticks) or gets the command in DAOC chat log but for some reason wont execute a simple macro /say enter/exit for the toon.

Also, both guest machines video stutters alot. I put the machine together with a buddy. Memtest run for 5 hours no issues. Furmark for 30 minutes and Prime 95 for a few hours. I think components are good condition. Drivers may not be. GPU still gets artifacts in DAOC (interestingly not all Toons can see the artifacts – might be the host and 1 guest where that particular one is visible.)

1) The guest machines still don’t always enter/exit keep doors as a unit.
It is , which is a macro on each client that is “/say enter/exit.”
Results: I will see in DAOC chat log that each Toon says enter/exit in game, but one gets left on the other side.

2) Sometimes guest toons will fail to /face target. I have the as my /face key for all toons.
Results: DAOC chat log shows main toon “you auto-face celt”, while one or both guest machines may fail to /face and do not have DAOC chat log listing the /face. Bahhh wtf. It just went into some black pit?

3) I have a “/face Toon1” and “/stick Toon1” I use to gather up the toons. It fails about 70% of the time to work properly. Once in RVR, I was bombing the keep door and was moving to bail and Toon2 failed to /face Toon1 and instead /stick the enemy towards the keep door and got my 3 toons crushed by enemy and keep guards.

Basically using the VM is no different than using background windows and it appears slower than just loading 3 clients on one machine.

Any help will be very appreciated.


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